PetSafe Wire Break Detector

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"Helps easily locate wire breaks within your in-ground fence system. Temporarily replace your transmitter then trace your fence configuration. Audible tones help discover each side of a broken wire. Locates complete breaks only; partial breaks will not be detected by the system.

Radio mounts to an extendable pole so it can comfortably be held close to the ground. Frequency: below 620kHz when possible. Adjust the tuning dial to a location where no radio stations are broadcasting and the output of the radio receiver is producing a static noise. Works up to 10 acres. (It may work beyond 10 acres, but the tone will get weak and inaudible).

System includes: Wire break location transmitter, Receiver with expandable handle; requires 2 AAA batteries (not included), 50 feet of boundary wire, 2 grounding stakes, 4 gel-filled capsules, 4 wire nuts, 2 cable ties, and 12-volt AC adaptor now included.

  • Helps you detect complete wire breaks in your In-Ground Fence boundary wire
  • Audible tones indicate site of broken wire
  • Will not locate partial breaks
  • Works up to 10 acres